5 Ways to Make Money on Your Home!


  1. Find the best deal on Real Estate in Toronto and the surrounding area (GTA)
  2. Design an improvement plan for your property
  3. Prepare all necessary drawings and documents
  4. Construction: Renovations or a completely new building
  5. Sell your property for a great profit

Let’s take a closer look.

1.  Find the best deal in Real Estate in Toronto and the surrounding area (GTA)

As one of my real estate teachers, Robert Allen, once said:

“In real estate you make money when you buy, not when you sell.”

In order for this to hold true, you must follow these 3 main principles:

1)    Buy under the market – if you buy high and hope to sell it even higher, the risk of losing some or all of your investment is too large to ignore.

2)    Buy in the right neighborhood – if you buy your property in an area that is not appreciating as much as other areas, you are running a risk of weak or mediocre profits.

3)    Structure the deal the right way – If you overlook the small details of your contract, you can lose more than you realize. You could also end up spending more of your time and money than you can truly afford.

We are dedicated to making this process easier for you, in order to ensure you have the best possibility of making the greatest profit on your transaction.

We can help you with your hunt for your new property as long as your search meets the following parameters:

  • The property is located within Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – at this time we only specialize in this area;
  • The property is zoned Residential – we do not currently offer commercial properties, and we feel that your money will yield higher profits in Toronto’s residential real estate market today;
  • You are willing to target the right up-and-coming neighborhoods which will provide a greater potential for profit, or well-proven areas which will minimize your risk;
  • You stay well within your set budget;
  • You stay true to your timeframes;
  • You have devised the proper exit strategy (such as buy, hold and live there, renovate and flip, buy and rent out, buy and flip in a year or two, or any other personal real estate investment goal)

Pricing: Typically, the price of real estate services for buyers is included in the property’s listing price. However, if you opt to work with us on your next real estate project, some of this money will be refunded to you. The cost for listing, presenting, and selling your house starts from just 1% of the purchase price.

2.  Design an improvement plan for your property


We are happy to help you plan and prepare your property for renovation or reconstruction so that you know upfront how the project will be carried out, how much money you need to invest in your real estate project, and how much money you stand to make on it in the end.

If you are considering building a new house, or if you are thinking of renovating your current home, by doing any of the following:

  • Adding a second or a 3rd floor;
  • Adding any other type of addition to your home;
  • Adding or rebuilding a garage;
  • Improving your basement (underpinning, making a separate walk-through entrance, or completely finishing it);
  • Adding a deck, Jacuzzi, hot tub, fireplace, or swimming pool;
  • Redesigning the interior;
  • Making exterior improvements;
  • Installing a new kitchen;
  • Making a master-bedroom with an end suite or adding a new master-bathroom;
  • Any other type of renovation

Call us first!

We will evaluate your planned changes to ensure they meet the Ontario Building Code, and show you exactly how your property value could be affected by the renovations.*

*It is possible to cause a drastic decrease your home’s value by renovating if you do not plan properly in advance.

Pricing:  A rough estimate of your project costs just $295.

3.  Prepare all necessary drawings and documents


We will prepare a rough estimate along with a complete 2D drawing set for you that is ready to be submitted to your City/Municipality Building Department and/or Committee of Adjustments.

We can help you prepare for your project by completing:

  • A survey plan
  • Zoning information

Full support – we offer the option of presenting your plan to the city committees on your behalf (multiple times if necessary) until your project is approved.

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4.  Construction: Renovations or a completely new building

We can help you select the right construction company for your new project as well as help you manage your project from start to finish so all aspects are completed on time and on budget.

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