About Us

Our Number One Goal is to Maximize Your Home’s Value.

We provide a full range of services, from assisting you with finding the best deal on your new piece of residential property, to helping you with a complete or partial renovation to increase your property value so it can be sold at a later time.

We can help you to make money on your home in 5 distinct ways:
  1. Find the best deal on Real Estate in Toronto and the surrounding area (GTA)
  2. Design an improvement plan for your property
  3. Prepare all necessary drawings and documents
  4. Construction: Renovate or build a new home
  5. Sell your property for a great profit

About me

Alex Kossyrine

Ph. D. in Civil Engineering, Certified Designer, Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent

  • St. Petersburg University of Civil Engineering
  • Moscow University of Civil Engineering
  • AutoCAD training
  • Ontario Real Estate Association
  • Designer school

With nearly 40 years of construction experience, of which 14 years have been dedicated to only residential construction, and 10 years of architectural and design experience clients can rest assured their project is held in capable hands.  Add to this knowledge nearly ten years of experience as a real estate agent and you have a full service, winning combination that has yielded hundreds of successful projects with just as many happy clients.