What is Needed to START Architectural Planning?

What is Needed for an Architectural Plan?

This is the MOST frequently asked question.  What is needed for an architectural plan? The answer is simple. There are only two things needed to start making an architectural drawing.

  1. Zoning Information – This is easily obtained at your local Toronto Building Customer Service office. It can either be obtained by the homeowner or by us for only $295.00 . There are 4 offices in Toronto, zoning information can be attained from the office that is assigned to your district. Here is the contact information for these 4 offices:
    • Toronto and East York District
      Toronto City Hall
      100 Queen Street West
    • North York District
      North York Civic Centre
      5100 Yonge Street
    • Etobicoke York District
      2 Civic Centre Court
    • Scarborough District
      Scarborough Civic Centre
      150 Borough Drive
  2. Survey Plan – Upon the purchase of a home or property a survey plan is always transferred to the new owner. If for some reason you are missing or lost the survey plan, we offer to make a survey plan for $1,200.00 – $1,400.00

However, the most economical way to obtain permit drawings/architectural drawings would be to come to us with a survey plan and zoning information OR you can pay extra and have us make them for you!