Finding an Architect in Toronto, For your Residencial Home

Finding an Architect in Toronto

Finding a residential architect in the city of Toronto is not hard. This city is filled with architects ready to trick and scam an unsuspecting home owner into overpaying for drawings, designs and permits. Many home buyers are often tricked into singing contracts with Architectural firms that force them to pay expected fees once the homeowner has already invested too much of their time and money. Many architectural firms over charge for work done and time spent on your project! This is just one of many reviews found about architects in Toronto.

“Firstly if you are planning to use **** design. Don’t !!! This company is run by a husband and wife. The husband the architect and the wife the interior designer. Firstly they  will rip you off by charging you triple the price for the amount of work they put in, you have to hound them to make deadlines And just don’t go through the hassle of doing business with these ppl.”

Hana E. From Woodbridge ON (found on, Name of the Company is removed.

Building and Designing your home should be a pleasant, worry free experience. A home owner should not be bombarded with hidden fees and unexpected extras when trying to obtain a permit to begin construction. Permits and drawings for a residential home should not cost the home owner an arm and a leg!

Finding the right architect

Tips for Finding the right Architect for You!

1. Ask your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers about the architects they have used in the past and their experience. Also, ask how much they paid, just to have a rough idea as to how much your project should cost.

2. Research! But be careful not to look at just be architectural firms, they usually overcharge. Look at small businesses as well, use your resources, newspaper, phone book, and the internet.

3. Call and ask for an estimate! Also, have a list of questions you may want to ask the architect, remember if you are talking to the architect himself they should be able to address all your concerns. Make sure there is no fee for the initial interview, if there is, I would suggest to move on.

4. Narrow down the list of architects whom you wish to meet. Meet the actual architects who want to work on your project in person.

5. Compare their services, discuss cost and all anticipated fees.

6. Lastly, make sure the architect specializes in residential properties in Toronto.

Now You Are Ready To Make An Informed Decision

At Value Architecture, I work hard to to provide the best experience my clients could ask for. My prices are fair and there are never any “hidden fees”. My clients are never bombarded with unexpected additional costs, my prices are firm and most fees are foreseen and discussed with the client. When choosing an architect for your residential home in Toronto, conciser Value Architecture. We provide timely services, affordable prices and quality design.